Yayy! You're very close to order!

Here are the detailed steps to place an order!!


1. Once you land on home page, click on "Go To Marketplace".

2. Congratulations! You're now in store listing page of Sanohaat. You can see a lot of stores here serving in different categories.

3. You can either sort by categories you wish to purchase from or directly search from search bar on top of the window.

4. You can also click on relevant store to order.

5. Once you click on store, you'll be going through categories & products. Clicking on "+" sign would mean you want the product.

6. You click "+" on items you wish to purchase. Now you click on Checkout option showing on bottom of page if you're on a mobile phone.

7. You click on Checkout and it will prompt you to Delivery Address Point. Here you need to be smart. You would need to click on Edit (pencil) button on delivery address to point exact address for quicker delivery.

8. Once you click on edit button, a pop-up will open, here you need to update you address clearly. You will be able to see red structure which can be moved to your desired location and click on SAVE after you fill mobile number, name & email address where you'll be receiving billing invoice. Now Click on PROCEED TO PAY!

9. You'll get to payment page. Here you can see the billing total and avail if any coupons are there. Click on PAY to place your order.

 10. You'll be able to check notifications when store accepts your order, and complete transparency will be maintained for you to see where your order has reached or is en-route.


We believe in sharing growth and responsbility. We advise you to place order and try our speed ;)